Black hollow, Wedding

Mr & Mrs Baker

A wedding I will never forget, and for so many reasons!! I got bogged on the way there, I was terrified to call Abby and tell her, so I chickened out and sent a simple text "I'm bogged", with my GPS ping. My phone instantly rang - I held my breath as I answered - and to my relief all I could hear was Abby laughing hysterically!! Two groomsmen were kind enough to pull me out and gave me a little lesson on how to drive in the wet!! Thanks guys!! 
Abby & Nick had the most INCREDIBLE florals/styling I've ever seen! Created by Tammy, from Darling Days in Mudgee - what.a.powerhouse!!!!! 
Their wedding was memorable for sooooo many reasons, but the biggest was how happy, calm and go-with-the-flow they both were, the whole day! We had a thousand inches of rain the week prior to the wedding, I got bogged, so did the DJ and low behold 15 minutes before the ceremony, so did the bus full of guests. No biggie though, the boys had a blast in the wet ferrying everyone to the property!! They didn't even change their shoes before they left - I was having heart palpitations and Abby was laughing!! (My kinda bride/human)!
Abby and Nick both smiled from ear to ear the entire day (and night until 5am)!!
What a wedding!!
Enjoy, Nicole xx