I am usually lining up a shot in my head, even when I’m just doing mundane ‘mum’ things like hanging out the washing or cooking my famous veggie curry for dinner. The way the light makes that dish glisten, OOOFT; You know what I mean!? My photography brain never stops ticking. I see photo opportunities absolutely EVERYWHERE and it's with GREAT restraint (and the demands of my four, attention hungry little cherubs) that I don't snap away at everything.

Hey, can I start off by saying that I am one of those annoyingly-happy people who gloat about how much they love their job!?

Yes, it’s true. It's me; job-lover and photo-taker  *raises hand* 


Happiest when floating in the pool with a cold beer in my yeti, watching my kids enjoying summer. Life is even better when my diary is full and I have the privilege of spending my Saturday's documenting love stories.

It's me, nicole

  • I am like that sidelines mum you used to always see cheering on her little babes at netball, yelling: “YOU’RE DOING GREAT, SWEETIE!” and “YOU’RE ON FIRE TODAY BABE” across the court. Except this time ‘my little babe’ is actually YOU and we are not on a netball court, we are somewhere fun, capturing your love story.

  • As Regina George’s mum says in “Mean Girls”: “I’M A COOL MUM, I’M NOT LIKE A REGULAR MOM”. We have work to do together but I always make it fun for you. I'll whisper inappropriate jokes from behind the camera to make you laugh, I’ll tell you exactly how to stand/where to look/how to pose to make sure you look your most flattering self! And, at the end; I’ll chug a shot of fireball with you to cheers to the shots we got.
  •  I go by “mummy”, “mum”, “MUMMMMM” to four little babettes of my own. 

  •  I am a vegetarian that occasionally eats chicken… someone once said that makes me a “Flexitarian” and I’m cool with that.

  •  I sponsor two children through LCF Life Charity Focus which offers support to children in Uganda growing up with disabilities. This is super dear to me!

  • I LOVE meeting new people!

More about me you ask?
Oh, alright; since you asked so politely:

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“Life moves incredibly fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it”