Armatree, Wedding

Luke & Katie

A beautiful, rainy day at Armatree, NSW to celebrate the love of Luke & Katie.
Every time I think back to their wedding, I can't help but smile! Luke was super chill and happily did whatever I asked him to do! (What a champion)!! Katie would have to be the happiest, kindest, most loveable, easy going, always smiling and laughing, beautiful person, in the world. I first met Katie at one of her friends weddings that I was the photographer for. I was seated for dinner opposite her and instantly we were chatting away and sharing our favourite podcasts with each other. Katie felt like a life long friend and I had only just met her. After the wedding, several months went by and I received a message from Katie - "I'm the podcast lady!! And I am getting married!!!"
And that's how I came about to be the photographer for their wedding. It rained the entire day accept for 1 hour for the portraits (thank you rain gods!!). And what an epic hour it was!!! I always make sure portraits are fun for my bridal parties, and fun it certainly was!! Laughing and banter the entire time, finished off with shots for everyone (myself included) of fireball!!! 
Since the wedding, Katie and I still share our favourite podcasts with each other!
Enjoy, Nicole xx