Engagement // Nicole & Mitch

Nicole & Mitch!

Tamarama Beach at sunrise


Introducing the “real” and “original” Nicole McGuire! But not for long!! Nicole & Mitch are getting married!!! I have shared the same name with Nicole, aka Dort, since I married her brother in 2012. I will really miss sharing the same name. In particular, travelling together and getting getting rooms mixed up and seeing the confusion on peoples faces! Once we went to New Zealand and the travel agent mixed up our passport numbers up, so every time I scanned my ticked, Dort’s passport picture would come. I instantly panicked and was convinced we wouldn’t even get through security. Low and behold no one even noticed and we waltzed on in to Queenstown!
A few years back my husband and I checked into a hotel in Bangkok that Dort had previously stayed at, once again they got us confused and could not comprehend that there were two Nicole McGuire’s from Australia lol After several attempts to explain, I just went with it! Enjoy those reward points Dort haha

Congratulations guys, you are such an amazing team together!

We love you, xx

Nicole, xx

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