Family // The Astley’s

Tegan, Grant, Atticus, Philomena & Oylmpia

Several weeks ago I caught up the Astley family in their home for a Newborn Lifestyle session. What a brilliant afternoon with a  beautiful family. I have so many favourite images from this session. They sure do make having 3 kids look easy!

Welcome to world Olympia, you fit perfectly into your little family!

Enjoy, xx

“Milk Bath”

Tegan and I had planned to do a milk bath session at the end of their newborn lifestyle session. However the week of the session Tegan messaged me devastated that Olympia hated the bath!!! So we kept an open mind and thought we would still give it a go! Well little Miss Olympia ROCKED her milk bath session! I will be putting together a seperate blog post of those favourites so keep an eye out!!


Nicole, xx


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