Newborn // Adelaide

There is something that little bit extra special about having your first baby. For me personally I was never in a million years prepared for that intense, instant love that is impossible to describe or prepare for. I remember thinking “how on earth did I live without this tiny person before this very moment?” You have known them for 0.2 second and already you can’t imagine a life without them. I remember saying to my husband after we had our first, “why did we wait for so long”?? We loved travelling and tried to squeeze in as much of the world as we could before we settled down to start our family. When I was pregnant I loved my tiny little baby growing inside of me, but when you see your child for the first time and hold them in your arms, it’s as a whole new level of love that you never knew existed. It’s the same with your second but with your first it catches you off guard. Second time around I was worried I wouldn’t be able to love my second as fiercely as my first, but I was wrong. Instant, next level, couldn’t live without you…love!

Little Adelaide did just that for her Mum & Dan, Emma & Ben. Such a beautiful family and a beautiful session.

Enjoy, xx

Nicole, xx

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