Wedding // Mr & Mrs Lock

Lucy & Locky become Mr & Mrs Lock

3rd March 2018

Lucy & Locky’s beautiful Wedding in Parkes NSW was stunning from start to finish.

Lucy really wanted some portraits done on the inside of an old shearing shed that was at the back of the Golf Course. We all jumped several fences, with permission of coarse, ย (including Lucy in her gorgeous dress). However we were unable to get in. After trying several times I just couldn’t undo the lock so we all jumped back over the fences a little disappointed. Me, refusing to let this go, spotted the farmer in the distance in his truck. So in true Australian style I sent a groomsmen to flag him down by flashing him with a few cold beers to get his attention. Alas he came to the rescue and helped us get into the shed. Even with the fences and it being ย 36 degrees, it was ย completely worth it.

Congratulations Lucy & Locky, what a fabulous Wedding!!

Nicole, xx

Nicole, xx

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