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I offer 2 different types of family sessions, sunset, as well as in home family lifestyle sessions. Did you know which one you were interested in? Here is a bit about each one if you were unsure. Sunset sessions are held outdoors in the last 60 minutes of daylight. These can be held on your property or a location I have recommended. Click here for more Sunset Family Session info!

For the in-home lifetyle sessions, I come to your home to photograph your family. Your sessions will be fully (loosely) planned prior to your session, so don’t worry about that! Sessions last about 60-90 minutes. The time we choose will be based upon possible sleep schedules as well as which way the light enters different rooms in your home, that you are interested in using for your session. In home sessions are a great way to capture your family and children in their element & perfect for newborn sessions.

I send all my lifestyle clients a questionnaire prior to the session to get to know your family a little better. It also helps plan the areas of your home you want to use and ensuring there is adequate light in those spaces at that time of day.

If you would like to discuss the 2 different types of sessions as well as what would be best for your family, please get in touch today!

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Family Lifestyle Pricing Guide 2018:

Investment: $550


  • 60-90 minute in-home session
  • Includes all Hi Resolution digital files
  • Online viewing with instant download
  • $50 print credit to be used in my online print shop

*** Weekend/public holiday surcharge of $100 applies to all sessions.
*** Cancelling the day of the session incurs a $50 cancellation fee.

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Family prep guide

What should you wear?

Clothing choices are totally based upon your families style. If you love simple, go for simple. Want fun? Grab some fun colour! What I do NOT recommend is changing outfits too many times, if any. We tend to loose the kids. Also, stay away from totally matching. You can coordinate, but matching is not real life. Even all the same colour photographs boring, unless you are using more earthy tones. Depending on what type of session is happening (breakfast, partial outside) we will coordinate based upon our activities. Make sure you wear something you can move well in as well as feel comfortable.

What do you need in your home?

I like to have families buy fresh flowers to have in the home, but it’s not required for you to do so, of course. They add some flare to master bedrooms as well as kitchens. If you have lots of “clutter” out, make sure to put as much away as you can that is not your REAL life type of clutter. I am not saying do a spring clean before I arrive – you just need to hide it!! We need to have your kids toys out, blankets on couches, kids shoes by the door etc. Only have out what you want in your photographs, and if you are unsure leave it! When I arrive if I feel like something is distracting, we can throw it in a cupboard. Make sure you have out anything your children love. Do they have a stuffed animal they can’t live without? Make sure it’s handy!

3. What can you expect when I arrive?

When I first get to your home, I will take a look around to check out all of the rooms we plan on shooting in as well as if we need to scoot any furniture around. During our session, don’t worry about looking at the camera. I will always instruct you when you need to look at me. I will typically take the children into another room to let them get to know me a bit. Just play, etc. After we do the kids photos, we will move onto family shots, typically in your bedroom or family room. All this will depend on which locations we have chosen to shoot in. Expect me to be silly and I will direct or guide most of what you all do. Don’t worry about having to plan the day, that is up to me!

4. What if my family does not cooperate?

Kids will be kids. This is why I start with them to set a fun playful tone of our session. This also helps you as parents relax, knowing that your children will have a fun time. If we have a young child that can possibly cry, etc., don’t worry! Cuddles make for some of the best photos. Often times, if they see an older sibling having fun they will join. I have lots of tricks up my sleeve to engage your children so don’t worry. Kids pick up on parents anxiety. Letting go will lead to the best types of sessions. Im there to grab all of the real!!


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