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There is nothing in the world more beautiful than a baby being born. Birth is breathtaking. I am passionate about birth being a natural, joyful and powerful experience. I capture the beauty and emotion of birth. To give someone a photograph of their baby’s first breath and their first embrace literally takes my breath away every time.

Birth photography is about creatively and skilfully capturing the intimate and emotional story of a child’s path into the world. I capture moments that can never be replicated and ones that will never be more cherished – the first touch, the first breath and the first cry. Parents are able to document this journey without compromising their focus or energy in anything other than each other and their new baby. 

I am on call 24 hours a day from 37-42 weeks gestation. 

It is my 100% commitment to be available day or night to capture your babies birth. I do not leave town during this time and available 24/7.

I would love to meet with you to answer any questions you might have about hiring a Birth Photographer. 

Birth Pricing Guide 2018

Natural Birth Investment: $1,500.00


  • Coverage 24/7 from 37-42 weeks gestation
  • Approximately 8hrs labor coverage
  • 1.5-2hrs after birth coverage
  • 100-300 edited hi resolution images that you can download on a private password protected online gallery


Scheduled C-SECTION Birth Investment: $1,500.00


  • Pre-Theatre coverage
  • Post Theatre coverage for 2-3 hours, including recovery if permitted. Please note this does not guarantee coverage of your delivery in the Theatre room unless I am permitted in Theatre on the day of the C-Section.
  • 100-300 edited hi resolution images that you can download on a private password protected online gallery


Applicable to natural & C-Section birth packages. In return for a signed model release you will receive a fully designed and printed 8x10inch 30 page Photo book using top of the line ProLine Pearl Photo Paper. Photo book valued at $350.00. Minimum 50 images to be individually approved to be eligible. Nicole McGuire Photography will create a Photomontage to music (video) if a minimum of 50 images are approved. Hi Resolution copy will be available for you to download

Fresh48 Pricing Guide 2017 + 2018

Fresh48 Bonding Session Investment: $500.00


  • 45-60 minute session while in hospital within 48hrs after your baby is  born. This can be used to capture you and your partner and siblings bonding with your new baby and/or introducing your baby to your extended family. Session to be done during daytime visiting hours only.
  • Can include unlimited family members.
  • 50-150 edited hi resolution images on a usb

*** Weekend surcharge of $100 applies to all sessions

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Contact me for more information and for contract details.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Birth Photography?

During your labour I will discreetly pop in and out of the delivery room to photograph your labour. I will be a “fly on the wall” so there is no need for you to feel the need to talk to me during this time unless you would like to. More often than not the client will barely notice I am even there. Once you are fully dilated and pushing I will discreetly remain in the room until the baby is born. Once your baby is born I will remain with you for up to 2 hours remaining as a “fly on the wall”.

2. When is the best time to book during pregnancy?

Let me know as soon as you can and you will be placed on a list. Deposits are required to secure your place.

3. Do you have Public Liability Insurance? 

YES! Insurance is VITAL as a professional.

4. How far will you travel and how long does it take you to get to Dubbo hospital?

I am 35 minutes from the Dubbo Base Hospital. I have a bag packed ready to go and am on call 24/7 from 37-42 weeks gestation. Travel is included in your fee. Please allow a minimum of 90 minutes for me to attend. Most times I am at the hospital well within that time. Please ensure you contact me at the first sign of labour. 

5. What is your cancellation policy?

No refund is given for services cancelled within 60 days of your due date. Services cancelled prior to 60 days receive a refund of 75%. Premature babies will receive full credit of any moneys paid to any of my packages to be used within the calendar year. In the event of a miscarriage I will refund all monies paid.  

6. What is the fee and when is it due?

Natural Birth Package:
Natural Birth Packages are $1,500.00. A $300 deposit is required to secure the 5 weeks surrounding your due date. The remaining $1,200.00 is due 1 month prior to your due date. I will be on call 24/7 from 37-42 weeks gestation to document your labour – generally from active labour through until up to 1.5-2 hours after the birth. During the 37-42 weeks gestation I do not leave town and do not drink during this time, it is my 100% commitment to be there for your birth . You will receive 100-300 edited hi resolution images that you can download on a private password protected online gallery. This varies due to the uniqueness of each birth experience. 

C-Section Birth Package:
C-Section Birth Packages are $1,500.00. A $300 deposit is required to secure your booking. The remaining $1,200.00 is due 1 month prior to your due date.  Coverage begins at the hospital the morning of your C-Section, coverage does not guarantee the C-Section deliver in theatre. If the staff allow me access to theatre on the day of your C-Section I will come into Theatre if you desire. Coverage than continues directly after for up to 2-3 hrs. You will receive 100-300 edited hi resolution images that you can download on a private password protected online gallery. This varies due to the uniqueness of each birth experience.

7. Do you offer payment plans?

YES! You are welcome to pay your birth package off during your pregnancy. I require the full amount to be paid 1 month prior to your due date plus minimum payments of $100.00

8. Do you offer a gift registry?

YES! For your baby shower your friends & family are able to contact me for gift vouchers.

9. How many images will I receive in the digital collections?

For Birth Documentation, on average you will receive about 100 – 300 images, but this varies due to the uniqueness of each birth experience.

10. How long will it take to receive my final order?

4-6 weeks following your birth. 1-2 days for a sneak peak of 5 processed images.

11. When do you arrive for the birth and how long will you stay?

Each situation is unique. At the FIRST SIGN of labour you must contact me so I can begin to make my way to the hospital. Often babies can take their time, however once you are at the hospital and have been examined please call or message me to let me know how far along you are. Sometimes you will be sent home. Sometimes births can go extremely quickly!! I will stay at the hospital for up to 8 hours of labour time. It’s more than just arriving in time to photograph the baby being born – it’s also capturing the support during labour, showing the strength and bond you have with your partner as you take the journey together. I will stay up to 1.5-2 hours afterwards to capture those very special first moments together. (1.5-2 hrs natural, 2-3hrs C-Section to allow for recovery).

12. What happens if you’re in attendance but labour stalls?

Sometimes this does happen and it’s very important to know that it has no impact on your coverage. Case dependant and after discussion, I may leave you until you feel ready again or it may be a matter of everyone getting a rest for a few hours to see if labour picks up again. Please note that I would never leave you if your 8 hours of coverage has been met. If it has been excessively exceeded I charge for the additional hours of coverage which must be paid prior to you receiving your files. Please note I do everything in my power for this not to happen and is very rare.

13. Do you have backup photography equipment in case your equipment fails?

Yes, I have 2 cameras as well as several lens that I bring to your birth. Both cameras have 2 SD card slots so photos are backed up the second they are taken. I also carry a back up of all images every where I go prior to you receiving your images. I also keep a back up in my office. 

14. What happens if you don’t arrive before my baby is born?

If you have contacted me at the FIRST SIGN of labour and I still miss the actual labour and birth AND have exceed the minimum 90 minutes I require to get there, once I arrive to the hospital I will do a “Bonding Session” to capture those close moments between you and your family members with your baby. Including a credit of 30% of the package price. Please note this is extremely rare. Failure to notify me at FIRST sign of labour and/or a labour that is less than 90 minutes from start to finish will result in non-refundable package, however a Bonding session will be offered instead. Please note that 90 minutes is just a safe guard, I am normally at the hospital well before this time. Please remember to contact me at the first sign of labour.

15. Have you undergone a Police check & Working with Children check?

YES, my reference is: WWC0713668E

16. Have you received the Whooping Cough Vaccination (pertussis)?

Yes. My last booster was in September 2016.

17. What if I have an emergency C-Section? Can I still have a birth photographer?

If the instance where you are in labour and I am already present in the delivery room and an emergency C SECTION is required, I will be unable to photograph the delivery. I will wait and as soon I am permitted in the room, I will continue to photograph those precious first holds, feeds etc for up to 1-2 hours. There will be no refund in this instance as it is out of my control. If at the time the staff allow me into Theatre and you would like me to come in I am more than happy to come and document your C-Section.

18. What if I have a scheduled C-Section? Can I still have a birth photographer?

Yes. Coverage begins the morning of you C-Section. I document your birth journey prior to the C-Section, than once you are in recovery I can continue to document all your first holds, feeds, and bonding between you, your family and your baby for up to 3hrs. If at the time the staff allow me into Theatre and you would like me to come in I am more than happy to come and document your C-Section.

19. Why are some birth photographs bright, sharp and crisp while others are dark, soft and grainy?

Bright, crisp images are achieved by a low ISO, a fast shutter along with a well lit room. Birth lighting is very unpredictable and I avoid using a flash during the labour so as not to distract or impact on the environment at such a sensitive time. I ask that once you are pushing that at least one light be left on.

20. I don’t want graphic “private” pictures, what assurances can you give me this will not happen?

The questionnaire I provide you with will give you the opportunity to tell me exactly what you do and don’t want photographed. I will always follow this guide ensuring I don’t document anything you have requested not to have whilst endeavouring to capture the specific items you would like to have.

21. What if I change my mind during the labour and don’t want the labour and birth documented, but I do want pictures of those special first hours?

You are most welcome to change your mind at any time from birth to a Fresh48 Bonding session. Any money paid will be credited towards your bonding session. There will be no refunds offered in this instance.

22. Will my images appear online anywhere – website, social media, etc?

Your images will only appear online with your written permission. I require approval for each image. 

23. Is there anything we can do that makes the photography easier for you?

YES please!! It is so important that you make contact at the FIRST SIGN of labour. During your labour I ask that you leave at least one light on, even if it is the ensuite light or a lamp. 

24. Can we arrange a time to meet in person to discuss my expectations?

Yes! This is ideal so we can discuss your ideas privately. This is generally done in your 3rd trimester.

25. Will you discuss my birthing experience with anyone?

Absolutely not. Confidentiality is extremely important to me and what happens in the delivery room, stays in the delivery room. I respect my clients right to privacy. I am simply a fly on the wall to document your birthing journey.

Birth Testimonial Haylee square

“With our first full term pregnancy, we had an idea of how we wanted our pregnancy and birth to go. Of course nothing went to plan. I (Haylee) had a very anxious pregnancy due to several miscarriages beforehand and then had to have a Caesarian. I felt robbed of the beautiful experience pregnancy is supposed to bring. I felt like I had been cheated because I had a rushed Caesarian with no precious first moments captured. So, when we fell pregnant with my second child. I put my foot down, and made sure I was going to get a better birthing experience and photos of our son born.

When we saw Nicole’s video of another birth she had done, I was sold. We wanted that picturesque experience, We wanted all those precious first memories captured because we never got any with our first born. So we booked Nicole. Nicole made the birth of our second child a much more magical experience because we had all those precious firsts captured. 

Nicole is a lovely, kind hearted warm person. For someone we had just met, it felt like we knew her for years. She knew when we needed space, and just what moments we wanted captured. Her passion for photography shows through her photos, they are all amazing and already displayed throughout our home. We will always cherish them and what she has done for us. 

We will be booking Nicole again for our next child births whether they are v-bac’s or repeat Caesarians. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”
Haylee, Jared, Hudson and Archie

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